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An average app loses 80% of its users within the first 24 hours after download. We could not accept this number so we developed tools to help you increase your app retention.

Your Shortcut to User Retention

1. Measure Performance

Start with measuring your current app retention and your onboarding and engagement flow. Use our easy-to-implement SDK and API to start getting that valuable information that will be the key to improving your app performance and user retention.

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measure app retention
analyze app retention

2. Analyze Opportunities

Dive deep into that data that you are measuring and get insights into your app performance. Use our dashboard and analysis tools to find the opportunities in your app. Only when you know how users find your app and where you can improve stickiness, you can start making improvements.

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3. Improve Retention

Once you have analyzed and found out where your user funnel needs to be tweaked you can start improving your app performance and your user retention rate. Make full use of our tools that help you get downloads, improve the user experience and improve your app's retention.

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Why Shortcut?

Getting new users is expensive and needs a lot of constant effort. It is frustrating to see them leave already after less than 24 hours. We help you to get users and make them stick to your app.

Customers Love Us

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Easy Implementation

Our SDKs and APIs are easy to implement and don't need additional frameworks. They are built to last for many versions.

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You Matter

Your returning users are the measurement of our success and therefore your success becomes our success.

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Built to Last

We are committed to our customers since 2012, and we are planning to be here for the next 100 years.

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Reliable Service

With Shortcut you get a set of tools that will help you increase your app retention. We made them super reliable and bullet-proof so that you don’t have to worry.

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Dedicated Support

Our team is here for you 24/7. We help you with both implementation and know-how. If you don't get support within 24 hours, you can call our CEO on his mobile.

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