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We follow the three engines of growth as proposed by Eric Ries in “The Lean Startup”. The Shortcut platform is built on the three growth engines; stickiness, viral growth and paid growth. It can be used by every company from startups to large enterprises.

Increase app retention efficiently. We offer tools for engagement such as app banners, individually customized newsletters and beacons. With these tools you will be able to increase engagement and thereby your app retention will improve.

Deep LinkingApp BannersNewslettersSocial MediaiBeaconsPrintCustom DomainsMarketing Links

Reach viral growth with our SDK. Make sharing your app content easier for your app users that want to share your app and your app content with their friends. Enabling sharing in your app will help you with viral and organic growth.

Deep LinkingApp ReferalsSocial MediaCustom DomainsMarketing Links

Get more downloads and first time users. When your app is sticky and can grow virally you can start scaling app users. We offer tools for app marketing capabilities such as marketing links and customized campaign landing pages.

Deep LinkingNewslettersiBeaconsPrintCustom DomainsMarketing LinksCustom Landers

Track and analyze your success. With Shortcut's powerful analytics you will always be measuring the right metrics that will help you make the right decisions to grow your app. Track campaign effectiveness to optimize your advertising or run a cohort analysis to improve retention.

Faster app growth with Artificial Intelligence

At Shortcut we are Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts and amazed by the enormous and unexplored possibilities of AI for app growth. We are currently working on new features and functionalities based on AI that will grow your app faster and smarter. Stay tuned!


Our success is your success and we are here to help you grow your app and we want to grow with you.
This is why we offer all our features and our analytics for free to all apps that are just starting out and have not reached 5'000 DAU yet.

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Why our customers love us?

Easy Implementation

Our SDKs and APIs are easy to implement and don't need additional frameworks. They are built to last for many versions.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here for you 24/7. We help you with both implementation and know-how. If you don't get support within 24 hours, you can call our CEO on his mobile.

Built to Last

We are committed to our customers since 2012, and we are planning to be here for the next 100 years.

Reliable Service

We made all our tools super reliable and bullet-proof so that you can concentrate on your business and not worry about the machinery in the background.

You matter

Your growth and your returning users are the measurement of our success and therefore your success becomes our success.

Secure Data

Your data security is extremely important to us. We will not sell nor make your data available to 3rd parties. Let us know if you would like to host your data on your own server.

Trusted by some of your favorite apps

Shortcut has become an essential partner for our mobile-app marketing. The service is easy to set up and provides great tracking data. I highly recommend to all marketers.

Karen Wiesner, Director Marketing Cincinnati Bell

With Shortcut deep links we have been able to improve our user engagement and retention significantly.

Jukka Kilponen, CTO Cardu

Shortcut's innovative API has allowed us to add mobile deep links to our automated newsletters and the results have been amazing.

Heini Zachariassen, CEO Vivino

SDK integration made easy

#import <Shortcut/Shortcut.h>

// ...

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {

    [Shortcut launchWithAuthToken:@"YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN_HERE"];

    // ...

    return YES;
    <meta-data android:name="sc.shortcut.sdk.authToken" android:value="<your auth token>" />

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